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Bali Surfing Tour Bali Honeymoon Packages


Bali Surfing Tour Bali Honeymoon Packages - Bali is a paradise for keen surfers due to convenient accessibility and home comforts at the end of the day. The island offers over 20 top quality breaks on the southwest and southeast cost, especially around the bukit peninsula. Some of these breaks like Padang Padang and Uluwatu are world class barreling reef. Bali Packages Others offer just pain surfing fun like the beach breaks that surround Kuta and Sanur.

Bali Surfing Tour Bali Honeymoon Packages

Having so many surf options available within such a short distance to the Kuta and Legian beach area means that after your surf you can return to a plush hotel and enjoy a long, lazy meal, lounge by the pool, take a nap in an air conditioned room and watch satellite TV

Please you can visit the location list below :

padang_padang2 Padang – Bali Holidays Packages Padang Beach is located 25 km southern part of Denpasar Town or 25 minutes drives from Bali ’s International Airport . It has a beautiful beach with white sand along the coastal. The surfing point at Padang – Padang Beach is located under ground in the steeply sloping hillside apposite to the Indian Ocean and has a big wave that good for surfing. It place is growth to be a surfer destination and this place become famous from year to year.

balangan_beach Balangan Beach is located in Balangan Village Bukit Unggasan, Jimbaran Bali. Bali Tour Packages It has a beautiful view of beach and a big wave good for surfing. It is quite easy to reach the Balangan Beach where this beach has been known by all people and famous among the surfers. Step down from the top hill to get the beach and you will start your great water adventure from here.

Tdreamland_beach 1he Dream Land is the name of area where previously is designed as an elite resident. Bali Honeymoon Packages It own a beautiful panorama and beach with he high wave and make this place is favorite for the surfers. It is located around 20 km from the Denpasar Town or around 20 minutes from the Bali ’s International Airport . The sunset panorama is also dominating this beach and now many people have come for resting.
Step down from the top hill to get the beach and you will start your great water adventure from here.

uluwatu_beach Uluwatu is well known as a tourism destination because of it temple, Uluwatu it self also has a beautiful beach with the high wave and good for the surfer. Many surfers have experienced in this beach and all of them amazing with the wave. Step down from the top of hill to get the beach is a unique experience for the surfer. Sewa Mobil Bali It is located in the Pecatu Village , Kuta Bali or 35 minute from Bali ’s International Airport or only 5-minute form the Uluwatu Temple. Please visit more

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serangan2-300x200 Serangan Beach is located 5 km southern part of Denpasar Town and the beach it self is located at Serangan Island that has been exploited and designed as a resort area. however the projects are delayed whereas. Serangan owns a beautiful beach and the good high wave. It was many surfers have experienced this place, which makes them enjoy surfing. Bali Car Rental Warung or small cafes to serve the seafood are also available in this area. Please visit more about Serangan Beach.

bingin-beach Bingin as many will already know, is located on the western side of the Bukit peninsula and is a hot spot for surfing. A sandy beady at mid-high tide is great for the non-surfers and the view from the cliffs are lovely. Rental Motor Bali Surfers flock to Bingin because of the wonderful way the waves wrap around the edge of the reef forming a perfect wave. Today there was swell, maybe about 5ft and around a dozen locals seemed to be enjoying it.

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